9 June 2017

We are going to tour in China!

No one ever expected this, eleven years ago when Hippe Gasten began? We have had lot’s of great gigs and lot’s of fun with this band.
Worked and playing together with the very best bands and artists. Played at the bigger festivals and theaters.
Our audience consists all ages, even for the younger ones we play without concessions and we are a well-established name in festival and theaterscene.
Hippe Gasten is an energetic band with five bandmembers. We do not make concessions with our music. No small lovely songs but real rock’n roll. Nowadays, young and old play on songs like Gucci and Red Cheeks sunglasses and we are even played in cars where no child is noticed!

This makes Hippe Gasten truly unique and this has caused a group of China initiators to find us. Suddenly we received an email containing: “Do you want to play in China at the international family festival Hand in Hand China?”
After a lot of regulation by rock’n roll manager Pieter van Dommelen we are ready to get on the plane on 26 May. To the other end of the world! Up to China!
We are facing outwards for arranging our visas. All the lyrics had to be translated and eventually approved by the Chinese government. They are projected on a large screen during our 12 shows there.
Together with the American (Grammy and Emmy Award winner) Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band and a production team of 30 man, we are ready for a big adventure!
We are very excited!
Keep you posted!

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