In Concert

Festival, pop venue, theatre, Pete with his leather jacket, grandad with his white hat, the naughty boy next door, John with the short surname and all the children; Hippe Gasten is for everybody and as flexible as Barbapapa. For over 10 years and hundreds of performances, the tour bus is packed with dedication, with amplifiers, guitars and stage parts to start the next adventure. Hippe Gasten unpacks, change into their rockoutfits and… go on stage; the best thing there is!

An interactive pop-rock show which provides everyone with a good feeling. Young and old! This ‘cute’ children’s band can be trusted to open festivals and play on large stages!

This show is also suitable to be booked as a school performance. Hippe Gasten is flexible in all aspects or as flexible as Barbapapa. The most special and impressive moment of the academic year for children, parents and teachers.
See below to get an impression:

Hippe Gasten consists of:

Jon van den Elsen (lead vocals)
Daan Koch (guitar)
Maurice Cramer (keyboard)
Richard Wallenburg (bass)
Björn van den Boom (drums)