Paul Art drumdesign

13 May 2017

Many people have already seen it; Hippe Gasten’s drum kit.
This object gets the attention everywhere we go. Everywhere we play, all the stages we climb; everyone stares at this drum kit. It has been painted by Paul Megens. Paul and the Hippe Gasten have known each other for years. Paul’s happy, crazy, criss-cross art is sold all over the world. The beautiful thing about Paul is that he is just like his art! This eccentric hedonist, who used to be a drummer himself, was very excited about our assignment. “I don’t often take on assignments, but I was very pleased with this job”, according to Paul.

If you would like to find out more about Paul, have a look on his website. He makes paintings and objects and is also busy making digital art. Very nice and also very affordable!

Go Paulie go!

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