Theatre show “Anders”

A pop concert based on the CD “Anders” (translated: Different) transformed into a small and intimate theatre show, in which Hippe Gasten also lets loose through, for example, roar choirs, boom whackers, drums and stimulates the imagination with special musical discoveries. An ideal opportunity to enable both children and parents to enjoy an energetic theatre performance. This is a must see!

Brochure information:
Hippe Gasten starts small and intimate in this theatre based pop concert after which they let loose. Hippe Gasten sings, plays, talks, touches, makes you laugh, makes you think and invites you to watch something different!
Yuk, everything the same? Hippe Gasten doesn’t like the same, can things be a little different? Yes, please! The varied and fun characters from the songs ensure a fresh and different view on things which play a part in children’s lives. Pippi Longstocking, a check-out girl in love, Tonnie who lives across the road and used to be a pirate and married the king. They are all different! So are you, right?

Hippe Gasten has been the market leader for years in the area of rock music for children. They collaborated with musicians such as Rapper Def P., Dirk Scheele, Armand and Peter Koelewijn (all well-known artists in the Netherlands and surrounding countries) for their new cd and concert “Anders”.

Hippe Gasten consists of:

Jon van den Elsen (lead vocals)
Daan Koch (guitar)
Maurice Cramer (keyboard)
Richard Wallenburg (bass)
Björn van den Boom (drums)