Hippe Gasten & De Heeren van de Vergulde Glorie

Hippe Gasten & De Heeren van de Vergulde Glorie
Hippe Gasten is going to perform a series of feel good afternoon shows. The key ingredients for these shows, in which they play with ‘De Heeren van de Vergulde Glorie’ (translated: The Gentlemen of the Gilded Glory), are sociability, cosiness and solidarity. The enjoyment of making music is most important as that is what makes these three seasoned artists glow. Music has always been a central part of the life of ‘De Heeren’. That is why it is so cool to share the stage with them.

Songs as a connection between young and old
The songs were written together with several friends of Hippe Gasten. They are songs in which age is not important. After all, the audience exists of young and old people and so does the line-up. Music brings us together, regardless of your age. The song texts are about friendship, freedom and embracing the world with open arms. Moments of hope in troubled times during which mutual respect is sometimes hard to find.

Perform a song with us
Our songs are very suitable for young musicians. We provide local music associations/ music schools/ drum bands with the opportunity to join us and perform during the show. A few selected children will be sent the music to enable them to study and practise playing it. Performing for a real audience with experienced band members is fun and educational at the same time.

Folky rock sound with a positive character
Hippe Gasten’s energy is connected with the years of experience and the aged sounding voices of the ‘Heeren van de Vergulde Glorie’. A wide range of instruments will pass by: mandolin, banjo, violin, bagpipe, saxophone, tin whistle, harmonica and accordion. This provides the songs -which have an authentic, positive character- an unique, folky rock sound.

All together on stage!
We can’t wait until the first show starts! It’s the eve of a great adventure for Hippe Gasten & the ‘Vergulde Glorie’. Getting on stage… playing to our hearts content! Making music together is the best thing ever. We hope to see you all at the festivals, clubs and parties where we have been booked to play.

Hippe Gasten:
Jon van den Elsen (lead vocals)
Daan Koch (guitar)
Maurice Cramer (keyboard)
Richard Wallenburg (bass)
Björn van den Boom (drums)

De Heeren van de Vergulde Glorie:
Ad Grooten (banjo, mandolin, tin whistle, guitar)
Jan de Ligt (saxophone)
Johnny Rahaket (violin)